You’ve heard the phrase ‘social influencer’ tossed around frequently the last couple of years—so much so that it has become almost cliché.

There are two words at play here, both with equal weight: ‘Social’ plus ‘Influencer’.

It’s not simply about ‘heart-based’ marketing. It’s not spending all day hanging out with your customers on Facebook or Instagram. I

It’s not about being warm and fuzzy at all. It is about using relationship building as a specific influencer strategy.

The goal in social influencing is fairly simple: Create long-term customer loyalty and continued engagement.

You’re going for the long-term commitment, the long haul.

in this week’s episode, we’re talking about “How to Be More Social With People” whether you’re at a networking event or conference so you create better connections with people.

You want to help your ideal client be the best she can be. And if that is your focus, then being a social influencer is absolutely vital to the success of your business.

Social influencing grows your business and keeps your customers coming back, eager to invest in whatever you present. “I buy everything she puts out,” is a comment you’ll often hear about leaders like this.

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