You’re here because you are ready, perhaps even overdue to leave your day job; to stop working for other people and begin working for yourself.

And, like the professional you are, you want to make sure it’s a viable idea before you take the plunge. You want to see what you have to put in place, in order to make your exit strategy successful.

Before you even begin to plan, it’s important to get one thing really clear: Your reason for wanting to be your own boss.

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, in spite of what some people may say, there isn’t a single, ideal profile for what makes a successful entrepreneur.

There are two types of entrepreneurs: The born entrepreneur and the reluctant entrepreneur.

This week’s episode “I Hate My Job- How to Become Self-Employed” is all about taking the emotion out of shifting from a 9-5 job to a work-at-home, flexible business.

If you follow these five steps I share, you will be clear about why you are considering leaving your 9-5 job—and what is even better; you’ll be properly prepared to run your business.

So, check out this week’s episode on how to become self-employed so you can smoothly transition into a full-time business owner.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, comment below and share what you are currently doing to prepare to ditch your corporate job and become self employed?

Here to help =)



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