It’s no secret that if you’re a business owner, then you need to get clients and customers on a regular to keep the doors open.

Problem is, getting consistent sales has probably eluded you so far. And no wonder — there is so much conflicting advice about how to market and promote your product or service that you end up chasing all the wrong ways to do it.

So, let me make this very easy on you…

If you want to get more clients and customers without being spammy or salesy, then the very best way to do it is by sharing stories. Research has shown that stories engage numerous parts of the human brain. In addition to areas connected to language and logic, stories switch on related sensory stimuli.

So why does this method work where so many others fail? 

Simple: It has also been found that just thinking about making a movement triggers the same areas that executing the motion does.

When people hear a good story, they can visualize the scenery as if they were actual there.  People will forget statistics and facts, but it’s hard for them to forget a great story. Stories just engage people in many different ways that data just can’t do.

I know this works because this is exactly how I and countless of my clients have landed new clients and customers due to the stories we’ve shared with our audiences.

Now let me share with you another secret… While you may think that good storytelling is only for professional speakers, there are tricks and processes that will make it easy for you.

That’s what we’ll be discussing in this week’s episode “How to Use Storytelling to Create Brand Awareness” without being salesy.

So, check out this week’s episode on the 6 types of stories you should be sharing to connect better with your audience and increase sales.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, comment below with which story you think your audience would enjoying hearing related to your brand?

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