Did you know most big retailers make the majority of their revenue during the holiday seasons? They cruise throughout the year until Valentines, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween, the king of all holidays Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  Even if your store is completely online or you only sell digital products or services, you can benefit tremendously from the holiday season.

The online industry has their special day called Cyber Monday which happens the Monday after Black Friday. So here are 5 tips to boosting your sales with holiday promotions.

#1 WOW Your Audience

When you are deciding which offer to create, first think about your customer’s needs and then ensure you can still make a profit. Hopefully you priced your regular price correctly in the beginning so you could always generate a hefty profit when the item is marked down. If not, play around with the numbers to see how you can WOW your audience and turn a profit at the same time.

#2 Create a Limited-Time or Limited Quantity Sale

It’s very important that your sale is only during a specific time period or limit the amount of stock available. Month long sales are rarely beneficial because it does not create a big sense of urgency. And making too many quantities of a particular item on sale could tank your business profits. One day to 7 day sales are good as well as limiting the quantity of high ticket/demand items available at a reduced price.

#3 Make Your Sale Align with the Holiday

If you want to boost your sales during the holidays, put things on sale that makes sense to your audience. It can be a newly released item or an old one just ensure it’s an item that your customer would be eager to buy during a specific time of year. If your special doesn’t make sense to your audience, you won’t make a cent.

#4 Partner Up with A Complementary Business

The holidays are the perfect times to create joint venture partnerships with companies who offer complementary products or services to your target market. Partnerships are a great way to promote your business to new people and give you instant credibility in the market place. You can create one sales page or have all partners market everyone’s offer to their lists. Just be sure to track the results to see exactly how beneficial and profitable the promotion was for all partners involved.

#5 Don’t Be Shy, Give a Specific Call to Action

The whole purpose for creating a promotion is to get your audience to take a specific form of action.  Whether it is to join your email list, buy a product or simple come into your store/visit your site.  Be very specific in what you want your audience to do next. It’s best to keep it simple and give 1 call to action to increase the chance of your audience becoming part if your tribe as a paying customer.

Once you create your holiday promotional plan, don’t get too excited that you forget to give your audience a heads up. The earlier the better and you can simple start by sending teasers through emails, blog posts, social media photos or even do a sneak peek livestream. Be creative and don’t be afraid to stand out from all the holiday promotional noise.

It’s time to make this holiday season your best sales month ever!

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