One of the biggest challenges I see aspiring entrepreneurs face is how to price their product or service.

If you price them correctly, you’ll be able to generate profitable sales. If you price them incorrectly, you could run yourself right out of business.

Although the way one business prices their goods or services will be different from another, as long as you take the necessary time to do your research, you will come up with the price that is right for your business.

Watch this video as I share a simple formula you can use when pricing your products or services

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to know…

What’s ONE specific challenge you’re facing with pricing your product or service? How is it effecting your sales? And – what would change if you turned things around?

This is a really powerful question to ask and answer in writing. “Thinking about it” is not enough.

You’ve got amazing products or services you need to share with the world. And getting the price right for your audience is key to building a profitable business you’ll love.

I hope to see your thoughts in the comments!

Peace and Blessings! Angel

P.S. I know how confusing pricing your products or services can be, so we created this amazing “Pricing Guide Formula” Worksheet and Calculator. Click the button below to download your copies now.


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