Here's what my clients had to say about working with me and their results...

Chioma had her first $5,588 week in sales!

“When I first started my business I was doing random things I thought were important for 6 months and only made $700. Angel helped me shift my focus on what order I needed to do specific things to increase my sales and profits. Since working with her, I created my first premium program, my monthly income increased by 5000% using one marketing strategy, email list went from a few hundred to a few thousand and my confidence in myself has improved.

You need to reach out to this woman if you are looking for a mentor who knows her stuff, can structure anything and anticipate all the possible needs you may have in your business. She is worth every cent!”

Chioma Okeke

Registered Nurse & New Nurse Coach, U.S.A.

Akim sold a record 77 shirts in 1 week

“From just our 1 session & marketing strategy to generate a rapid cash infusion in my business, I sold a record 77 shirts in 1 week through email and my weekly income increased by 1000%.

Angel taught me how to position my company as a more established and professional online business. Also, her training taught me all the important aspects of running a profitable business online."

Akim Wilson

T-Shirt Designer & Online Boutique Owner, U.S.A.

Nadia gained 11 new clients in 20 minutes!

"My first 1 ½ years in business I was confused as to how to create a real profit plan for my company. My spa wasn’t make enough money so I had to use my savings to cover some of the business monthly expenses. With just one marketing strategy I learned in the program helped me land 11 new spa clients in 20 minutes.

Angel is a driven coach that really inspired me to take control of my business and my monthly profits increased by 30%."

Nadia Arain

Author, Spa Owner & Coach, U.K.

Danielle's brand image & product quality has improved significantly

I've learned that I was struggling with more than what I thought I was. In my mind I was struggling with marketing and advertising, but after joining the program I realized that I was struggling in a lot more areas. Working with Angel has helped me to view being an entrepreneur differently. She helped us improve the quality of our shirt designs and our website is more shopper friendly.

The most delightful part of the program was the coaching calls. Being able to receive personal feedback from her about my business whether it be graphic designs, website layout or implementing new marketing strategies to attract new clients was extremely valuable.

Danielle Smallwood

T-Shirt Designer & Online Boutique Owner, U.S.A.

Ashley discovered that her ideal client was willing to pay higher prices

"I really struggled with structuring my business from a hobby to a profitable online business. Angel showed me how to create a responsive survey that revealed who was my ideal client, what specific products I should offer, how to price my products attractively and make $10,000 a month in profit.

The live calls with her were so beneficial because I was able to get specific questions about my business answered. This program has been a great experience and worth the investment."

Ashley Gross

Online Accessory Boutique Owner, U.S.A.